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The traveling Holga: London

Holga camera London Tower Bridge

The Holga owns a place in my heart and in my camera bag. Sometimes I try not to pack her. I fail 9 out of 10 times. Just before leaving the house I get anxious and eventually I give in, throwing the Holga and more film into my bag and off we go. In October I took the Holga to London. This time my decision was not spontaneous at all but planned well in advance.

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Darkroom Moments

Slowing down: Winter days

Holga Kodak T-Max 400

Autumn is finally gone and days are getting shorter and darker. Everything slows down – including me, who seems to be the only person who enjoys dark days and the crisp air on a foggy morning. I even walk to work and back home more often than I do when days are warm and sunny. There are a few things I always do when winter arrives, using my Holga camera is one of them. This winter I decided to slow down in my kitchen lab as well: Hej stand development!

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Monochrome Vienna: First District

When I visited Vienna in July, I brought my Holga camera with me. There was not very much time for an extensive photowalk, but I managed to take a few shots, wandering around the first district. It was a hot and humid day – and the city center was full of school classes and tourists. Not my type of an ideal day in the very heart of Vienna. At first, I went to the imperial palace and the park. The library there happens to be my old working place. Then I quickly escaped the tourist madness and turned to lesser known streets and hidden places.

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Blue Mallorca

Back in May, I visited Mallorca. The whole company went on a short vacation for a weekend – how cool is that? I took no DSLR with me, just the Holga and some rolls of film (and my smartphone).

I developed the first roll at home and pre-soaked it in warm water. Guess that’s why the shots turned out so blue.