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Plastic fantastic! 5 Lomography cameras for beginners

5 Lomography camers for beginners

When I bought my first Lomography camera, I spent hours and hours on the company’s website, on YouTube and photography blogs. All the time in search for an answer to the question: Which Lomography camera should I get? Since then, I bought and tried a few so today I’ll give you some advice on Lomography cameras for beginners, that are not too pricey.

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Winter Trees with the Diana F+

Back in November, I received a Diana F+ for free with a purchase at the Lomography shop. I was excited but for any reason, I didn’t use the camera. Sometimes I had her with me but I never felt like shooting. I don’t know why but it took me 14 weeks to use the Diana! Last weekend, the time has come. I just had to go to the supermarket and thought I’ll snap a few frames on my way. Where I live, we have a lot of trees and as much as I like spring and all the fresh green it brings, I also like winter trees.

I loaded a roll of Lomography Earl Grey (ISO 400) and snapped away. It was almost too dark outside – but you never know how things turn out when shooting a Lomo camera for the first time. I developed the film without pushing in a nice Tanol bath and here are some rather dark winter trees. From Diana with love!