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Self-Isolation diaries: Staying put in Florida

I’m taking a break from bombarding my friends with Tiger King memes and give you a little update about my current situation. Here in Central Florida we are not really on lock-down, it’s more like “would-you-please-stay-at-home”. Counties have been handling the situation pretty different. Our county was pretty fast with a nightly curfew, shutting down non-essential businesses and a stay-at-home-order while a few miles north everything was still open (insert rolling eyes here). Some people here are very good with social distancing and doing their part and others are like “don’t threaten ma freedom!”. Well, it’s Florida. And New York is far away and surely it’s not THAT bad because the flu and other diseases and people also die in car accidents and I don’t feel sick and what else not…? (insert rolling eyes again).

I’m still able to go to the barn and help with the horses (since there are no people at the moment) and otherwise I’m always at home, like before this whole crisis. I read even more, I watch a ton of equestrian content on YouTube so maybe one day I feel like I actually can ride a horse the proper way, I started drawing and try to wrap my head around Adobe Illustrator – which is fun, and complicated, but fun. I got a Skillshare membership since last year and I take a lot of courses. I want to do another indoor photography project but since I’m so busy with other projects, I rarely pick up a camera these days.

My husband is working at home and since we have two guest rooms / offices and plenty of space, that works out just fine. No urge to kill each other. Having a garden helps too, it is something I’m really thankful for right now! The weather is beautiful, not too hot or humid yet, and I enjoy reading in the garden and playing with the community cats that occupy our backyard.

Of course I’m also looking forward to going back to normal. I want to meet friends at the brewery, eat a huge burger and take a dip in the spring, I want to go for a hike and watch alligators. I even want to go to the mall (the one with the Cheesecake factory, duh).

Family members were planning to visit us this fall, now all their travel plans are on hold.

All the plans we had for 2020 are also on hold. Maybe we can go back to Austria this year, maybe not. Maybe we can go to New York and Wyoming and Miami – maybe not.

Either way, all I (and you) can do now is to stay at home – read all the books, take all the naps and look forward to meeting all friends and family members in real life again. Stay safe!

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