Goodbye 2015!

Time flies and there it is again – the end of a year. 2015 was a very busy year for me with quite stressful first six months.

We got the keys to our new apartment in January, in February we’ve been on vacation in California and from March on, there was literally no free weekend or one single lazy evening because of all the renovation we’ve done in the new condo and moving to the new place. Till summer, 2015 was not funny at all but full of work. Then the very hot summer: lots of heat but finally some spare time! I improved my film developing skills, got some new cameras like the Holga WPC and the Yashica TL Super, took part at a photography group exhibition and enjoyed living in our new apartment – it was worth all the work!

The year did not slow down in autumn, I’m not sure where Oktober and November have been gone? December was my month of missed chances: Wanted to go to London – didn’t happen. Get all the christmas gifts in time – didn’t happen. Go to the christmas market a few times – well, I went two times. Wanted to visit Vienna – didn’t happen. But there was one very pleasant thing: I won a La Sardina Camera at a Lomography competition – still have to pick her up though!

Whit this said, I finish a year that was quite positive and full of good things, but also leaves me exhausted and a little bit anxious.

And now a quick recap of 2015 in some pictures before conquering all the plans and ideas for 2016.


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    December 31, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Freu mich auf ein neues Jahr mit deinem Blog, guten Rutsch!

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