Lensbaby Blog Circle: A Winter Day

It was a snowless winter day when I decided to pick up a camera and a Lensbaby lens. The past few weeks I was in a photographic hiatus but one thing dragged me out of it: A Lensbaby blog circle.

One of the reasons I bought two Lensbaby lenses last year was seeing the images Janet captured with her lenses. I quickly fell into the rabbit hole. When shooting film, the Holga camera is my favorite, with all her glorious blurriness. With the Lensbaby I’m also able to capture non-perfect images. Last weekend I headed out with my DSLR and the Lensbaby Sweet 50 and went into a wood nearby.

There are several other photographers who joined the Lensbaby Blog circle and I’m excited to see what they shot for February! How to see all the other images and blog posts: Start here, follow the provided link, then follow the next link and so on. Thanks Janet for initiating our Lensbaby blog circle!

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    Janet Broughton
    February 15, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Love the winter mood in these Martina! And so pleased to hear that I inspired you to try Lensbaby lenses 🙂

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