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The traveling Holga: London

Holga camera London Tower Bridge

The Holga owns a place in my heart and in my camera bag. Sometimes I try not to pack her. I fail 9 out of 10 times. Just before leaving the house I get anxious and eventually I give in, throwing the Holga and more film into my bag and off we go. In October I took the Holga to London. This time my decision was not spontaneous at all but planned well in advance.

It’s a match. The Holga, a few rolls of black and white film and London. Our days in the british capital were windy, not too warm but almost without any rain. The perfect weather to explore the city. I took the Holga to Hyde Park, the Tower of London, St. Pauls Cathedral and several streets I don’t remember. Getting lost in a city is the best thing you can do. Unfortunately the film I shot at Brompton Cemetery is gone (means that I threw away the roll by accident. Ouch). I’m always very picky about the images I take with my Holga. Back home I wish I’d taken more pictures. On a brighter note, not enough images means that I should go back to London really soon.

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