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With Instagram, I have a kind of an on-aigan off-again relationship. I really like it for networking with other (analog) photographers or just browsing through my feed but often enough, I don’t have enough time to keep an eye on all accounts I like. Also I don’t upload pictures regularly, e.g. when I’m very busy and I don’t feel like shooting any pictures. On the other side, there are weeks where I’m very active on Instagram.
Anyway, today I want to show you some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I really like. If you are into photography, analog camera equipment and stunning pictures from New York, you should definitely check out my Instagram picks for April.


If you are interested in camera equipment, check out this account. But be warned if you are suffering from gear aquisition syndrom! Compact Camera Club showcases a lot of very desirable cameras. Every time I browse their feed, I find myself searching for a new compact camera online or thinking about going to the thrift shop.



Analog pictures from around the world, curated by a bunch of film lovers. Great way to discover unknown photographers and other people who like to shoot film. And everyone can submit shots!



On her Instagram account, Ksenia shares everything creative and places she discovers with her camera. I like that she uses 35mm film. Also check out her second feed @fat_creative.

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Lunchtime stroll #strangerinmyfeed

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One of my favorite photographers who shares stunning pictures from NYC – always triggering my wanderlust. Whenever I feel like going back to the Big Apple, I check out this Instagram account.

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the art of easing

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