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Making (old) friends: A guide to shopping vintage cameras

Guide to shopping vintage cameras

Buying stuff at flea markets and from thrift shops runs in the family. For some years now I find myself visiting shops and markets more and more often. Sometimes I think I should open a vintage shop and fully indulge into my passion for old stuff. While I try to be more minimalistic when it comes to stuff in general, I can’t resist (older) cameras. I’m writing this as I look at a Polaroid Image System camera I just purchased two days ago. Here’s what I learned on my hunts after vintage cameras:

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Equipment Moments

Autumn with a new companion: Nikon F80

Time passed quickly the last few weeks and I just realized that the best part of autumn is almost over. With fall as the most stressful time of the year I hardly ever carry out my projects and plans for this season. Every year, when September approaches, I make plans and a photography bucket list: a weekend in Prague, a getaway to the countryside, more hiking, more walking. A lot of events and a lingering cold did the rest – here I am, at the end of October, with my bucket list still filled. At least I made it to Barcelona!

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Plastic fantastic! 5 Lomography cameras for beginners

5 Lomography camers for beginners

When I bought my first Lomography camera, I spent hours and hours on the company’s website, on YouTube and photography blogs. All the time in search for an answer to the question: Which Lomography camera should I get? Since then, I bought and tried a few so today I’ll give you some advice on Lomography cameras for beginners, that are not too pricey.

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What’s in my camera bag: Live gig

what's in my camera bag

There was a time where I did quite a lot of live music photography – everything from tiny to big venues. Most of the time, shooting a concert is a challenge: Not enough light, not enough space to move around, not enough time. Still, digital photography makes it quite easy: You compose your picture, fire away and maybe check the photos on your screen occasionally. After the concert you go home with hundreds of pictures and use your photo editing programm to get the most out of them. Film photography is more of a challenge. You can’t check the photos at the back of your camera and when your films are gone, they are gone.

For quite some time I was eager to shoot a concert on film. Last weekend I went to a concert at a small venue and for that, I packed one of my analogue cameras and some rolls of film. Let me show you what’s in my camera bag:

  • Yashica 230 AF + Yashica Lens 50mm 1:1,8
  • Ilford Delta 3200
  • Ilford HP5 Plus 400
  • Kodak 400TX
  • Some batteries

It stays in the family

The camera belonged to my father who was kind enough to give it to me (Thank you Dad!), the lens I bought on Ebay. I had some issues with the 35-70mm lens so I decided to go for prime lenses and got a 28mm and the 50mm lens.

From all the films I brought with me, I ended up shooting just the Ilford films. The venue was very dark so I decided to shoot and push develop both films at 6400 ISO. I already developed one of the films and I’ll show you in another post how the pictures turned out (spoiler alert: quite dark – but I had fun!).

Equipment USA

The Pentacon Six travels California

Finally I got the developed films from our California road trip. It was the first time using the Pentacon Six (aside from some Black and White test shots before the vacation) and I think, the pictures turned out pretty good.
And I’m absolutely in love with Velvia 100. Just sayin’!

Location: Joshua Tree National Park
Film: Fuji Velvia 100

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