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Monochrome days: San Francisco

In February I spent some days in San Francisco and at the coast of Northern California. Most of the time the weather was really bad but overall it was another great trip to California. The color films are still not developed but I brought back some monochrome shots too. I wish I had more black and white film with me.

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Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip as its best

Road Trip on the Pacific Coast Highway

Two weeks ago I returned from a big road trip in the US but before I tell you about it, I take a look back: The very first road trip I did was one of the most scenic ones you can do: Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway. I say down because we started in San Francisco and ended up in Los Angeles. Since then, I did this road trip a few more times – it was always part of a longer trip with a rental car in California.

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Places USA

Amazing North America

Whenever I’m in the US, there are a lot of things I enjoy: Stuffing myself at the Cheesecake Factory, discovering big cities and small towns, endless road trips and so on. But what really left an impression on all my trips to the US were the landscapes: Redwood forests, deserts, canyons and coastlines – great places for hiking or landscape photography.

Today I stumbled upon this video from Mike Bishop and it really triggers my wanderlust. The good thing is, I’m already planning our next trip to the US.

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The Pentacon Six travels California

Finally I got the developed films from our California road trip. It was the first time using the Pentacon Six (aside from some Black and White test shots before the vacation) and I think, the pictures turned out pretty good.
And I’m absolutely in love with Velvia 100. Just sayin’!

Location: Joshua Tree National Park
Film: Fuji Velvia 100

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