Winter is coming – with a new bucket list

Maybe you’ve seen the photography bucket list I made for fall, my personal things to shoot/buy/get/do list. Time for a quick check-up: What have I accomplished?

my photography bucket list for winter
This is the bucket list I made for autumn – back in August:

  • Finish refurbishing my old Polaroid SX-70 (new leather) – still working on that!
  • Make Polaroid emulsion lifts not even started
  • Make some prints available on Etsy – well, I added a few pictures but there’s still a long way to go
  • Travel to Prague
  • Do a film-swap with another Lomographerwork in progress! 🙂
  • Buy a Pinhole camera
  • Landscape photography with the Pentacon Six – nope!
  • Take photos on cemeteries (in Vienna?) – no 🙁
  • Long time exposures with the Holga GFN – no, but did some with the Holga WPC

Well, seems that I was not busy enough. The idea of making Polaroid emulsion lifts still keeps me awake sometimes (sad but true), I haven’t been to Prague and the old Polaroid SX-70 is still waiting in her box with the refurbishment halfway done.

It’s high time I update my list for Winter!

  • Finish refurbishing my old Polaroid SX-70 (new leather)
  • Make Polaroid emulsion lifts
  • Short trip to a city in Europe
  • Go to the christmas market with the Diana F+
  • Do a Winter film swap
  • Pinhole self-portraits
  • Take photos of snowflakes
  • Try a new film
  • Clean all cameras
  • Shoot more multiple exposures

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  • Reply
    November 11, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Such an ongoing bucket list is actually a very cool idea. I only make them once a year, which only leads to loosing sight of them or forgetting certain bucket points. But the change of season seems to be the ideal time frame for projects like these. Thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to your results 😉
    Btw: beautiful cover!

  • Reply
    Charlie McDonald
    November 13, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Nice list. For me as well the list just keeps getting longer. Only a few get crossed off. 🙂

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