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Free Lightroom Preset: Longing for autumn

Free Lightroom Preset Nature

I shoot film a lot but now and then I take the digital camera for a spin. What I also like to do is creating Lightroom Presets. They help me keep post processing consistent and make editing a bunch of images a lot easier. The latest preset I made already gets me in the mood for autumn. Sharing is caring, so here is a free Lightroom preset for you.

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Woods to conjure

woods to conjure analog photography

One of the greatest benefits when living on the periphery is that you get the best of two worlds. In my case I really enjoy being close to the city and to the countryside. 15 minutes by tram to the heart of the town or 15 minutes by foot to the forest. A few weeks ago I packed my backpack, a selection of cameras and went to the woods.

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Moments Places

And you go down to moulder in dark places, beneath the grass and clover

Vienna Central Cemetery Holga 120

Back in April I spent a weekend in Vienna, visiting concerts and ticking off a thing that was on my bucket list for a very long time: roaming the Vienna Central Cemetery. Despite the fact that I lived in Vienna for 8 years, I never made it to this graveyard. Two things I learned during this stay in Vienna: Going to a festival all by myself is weird at the beginning but totally okay, and the second thing: Not visiting this cemetery while I had the chance for 8 f*cking years was a big mistake. But since I don’t dwell on the past, I’m looking forward to more visits in the future.

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