A quick life update: Long time no see

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Gosh, last blog post is from April 2018. Time for a quick update! Here’s what happened:

Radio silence on this blog since 2018 but a lot has happend in real life. In May 2018 I went to Paris and in June to Rome and while I updated my Instagram quite regularly, writing a whole blog post – nah, no time for that. The main reason for being MIA (and two trips to European cities I had on my bucket list) is a big one: We decided to move to the US. Getting the visa took a while but when everything was set, we quit our jobs (finally, I could make it official. I am so bad at keeping secrets!), got married real quick and decided what of our possessions to bring along. Luckily, we had a professional moving company who handled packing and shipping our belongings.

Last year in October we hopped on a plane and arrived in Florida. Let me tell you that the first year in our new home went by so fast! I might write another blog post about moving away from home …

Right now I’m updating my blog a bit (Ha. Haven’t done any updates in ages – bear with me while I fix everything). I thought about the things I want to keep sharing – like film photography – and the things I might add because I enjoy them too, like traveling, exploring the US, maybe a little bit more digital photography. Also, there were a few requests about how to live the Expat life in the US so I might write a few blog posts about my new home away from home. See you!

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