#12Months12Cameras: January

It’s only the beginning of March and I’m already lagging behind my 12 months 12 cameras project. I’ll try to catch up with scanning the films from February when I shot the Nikon L35AF in San Francisco and California. But first things first, here are the shots from January.

I was a little bit under the weather for the bigger part of January so I shot only one roll of film for my project. I also must admit that it’s not a very creative one since I simply took the camera with me on a brief walk. Well, better than nothing.

The Voigtländer Vitoret LR is a rangefinder camera that was produced around 1970. I bought mine at a thrift shop. I’m surprised how accurate the selenium meter still works. The film speed range is 25 to 1600 ASA – not bad!

Film: Agfa Vista 200
Scan: Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II


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