Secret Santa: All I want for Christmas is film

Emulsive Secret Santa 2016

Santa Claus is coming to town – and he brings film, maybe even a camera! IF you take part at this years EMULSIVE Secret Santa. What it is? It’s all about presenting other fellow film photographers with nice stuff and of course, getting something in return.

I know, autumn is just around the corner and I’m talking about christmas, but there’s good reason for that. If you love film photography, gifts and getting surprised, then you should have a look at the secret Santa, held by EMULSIVE this year. It’s all about giving and receiving the gift of film photography. Last year about 115 players from 23 countries took part and I’m really curious how many participants there will be this year.

I’m really looking forward to this year because 2015 I was quite unlucky. I don’t want to elaborate on this in detail but I was unlucky enough to get a bad match – a person who decided not to send anything and don’t respond on any messages. What a douchebag. On the bright side: My gift arrived safely on the other side of the world! Don’t be dragged down by this little story because I’m in high spirits for this year’s EMULSIVE Secret Santa.

Jump over to EMULSIVE for all the information about this years Secret Santa, but in a nutshell – this is how it works:

  • Register until November 30th 2016 at Elfster (it’s free)
  • Be super curious on Dezember 1st: Who’s your match?
  • Have a look at the wishlist of your match and prepare your gift (worth at least $ 10)
  • Send the gift out by December 9th 2016
  • Receive your gift, be happy, go out shooting and share online what you got

I might already know what I’ll be giving away 😉






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