Why I need Netflix to overcome creative blocks

Sometimes being creative is hard work and right now, I’m suffering from a massive creative block. To be honest, “right now” means that I hardly shot anything for weeks now. It started around christmas, being to tired for all the photography stuff. Then I shot a little bit in January, was very pleased with the results and then again – nothing. Well, it is what it is, you can’t force creativity. But over the years, I found a few strategies to boost my creativity again. They don’t always work but most of the time, they do.

  1. Go for a walk
    Don’t take any art supplies with you. You’ll be astonished how many things you see and recognize when you don’t feel the pressure to create or press the shutter.
  2. Keep an idea book and jot down any idea before it slips your mind.
  3. Visit news places
    Where have you never been before? Take a walk through an unknown city district or – and here comes the uber-advice – travel!
  4. Try something new
    If you go to work by car, take the train or ride your bike. Get your groceries at a different shop, buy a magazine you don’t know.
  5. Browse Pinterest
    I love Pinterest. Not only to save great content but also to discover photography, nice art, stuff I like and – yes – recipes.
  6. Start with anything
    Sometimes it helps to do anything, related with the creative process. Clean the brushes, buy new paper, develop a film and don’t feel the pressure to scan all the negatives once the roll is developed.
  7. Meet other creative people
    This one always works for me! After a casual meeting with other photographers, I’m always eager to create new stuff.
  8. Stupid binge-watching
    My favorite. You are not productive at all! After one or two seasons of any TV series, my brain gets so bored, that I have to do something useful. (Except if I watch The Walking Dead, House of Cards or Penny Dreadful – then my brain is totally fine with doing nothing.)

If nothing helps, let it be. Sometimes your mind just needs a break – and that’s totally fine.



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