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Making (old) friends: A guide to shopping vintage cameras

Guide to shopping vintage cameras

Buying stuff at flea markets and from thrift shops runs in the family. For some years now I find myself visiting shops and markets more and more often. Sometimes I think I should open a vintage shop and fully indulge into my passion for old stuff. While I try to be more minimalistic when it comes to stuff in general, I can’t resist (older) cameras. I’m writing this as I look at a Polaroid Image System camera I just purchased two days ago. Here’s what I learned on my hunts after vintage cameras:

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12 cameras: My photography project for 2017

12 months 12 cameras project

With the beginning of a new year I usually don’t make resolutions for the next 365 days. To me that doesn’t make sense. But there is one thing I always do and that’s making plans and thinking about projects and new ideas. A few things crossed my mind but finally I sorted out which project I want to realize in 2017.

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Darkroom Tunes Vol I: The Sound of Winter

Darkroom Tunes

Music is a very important part of my life and not a day goes by that I don’t listen to a whole album, several albums or at least some songs: In the office, on my way to work, at home, while cooking – there’s even music when I take a nap. And of course – you guessed it – I always pick some tunes when I’m developing films, scanning negatives or working on a photography project indoor. Here’s my choice of music for winter – most of this stuff is on heavy rotation for weeks now.

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Darkroom Moments

Slowing down: Winter days

Holga Kodak T-Max 400

Autumn is finally gone and days are getting shorter and darker. Everything slows down – including me, who seems to be the only person who enjoys dark days and the crisp air on a foggy morning. I even walk to work and back home more often than I do when days are warm and sunny. There are a few things I always do when winter arrives, using my Holga camera is one of them. This winter I decided to slow down in my kitchen lab as well: Hej stand development!

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