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Lensbaby Blog Circle: Dark Spring Flowers

Last Friday I bought a bouquet of flowers – for the first time in my life. Potted plants are a normal thing to me but I’m not the kind of person to buy a bouquet. Since I had a specific photography project in mind, I went to the flower store and picked a bunch of flowers. Cut flowers are so expensive, it’s ridiculous. I paired the bouquet with a roll of black and white film and one of my Lensbaby lenses.

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The traveling Holga: London

Holga camera London Tower Bridge

The Holga owns a place in my heart and in my camera bag. Sometimes I try not to pack her. I fail 9 out of 10 times. Just before leaving the house I get anxious and eventually I give in, throwing the Holga and more film into my bag and off we go. In October I took the Holga to London. This time my decision was not spontaneous at all but planned well in advance.

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Free Lightroom Preset: Longing for autumn

Free Lightroom Preset Nature

I shoot film a lot but now and then I take the digital camera for a spin. What I also like to do is creating Lightroom Presets. They help me keep post processing consistent and make editing a bunch of images a lot easier. The latest preset I made already gets me in the mood for autumn. Sharing is caring, so here is a free Lightroom preset for you.

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